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Consent Management & Auditing

Consent Management

HIPAAT consent management is designed to proactively protect personal health information (PHI).  It manages patient consent to the collection, use and disclosure of PHI, and manages privacy policies of organizations and jurisdictions. 

With our standards-based consent management software: 

Patients are able to:

Confirm or refuse participation in health information exchange (HIE)
Create, edit, store and withdraw health information privacy policies – for example, “do not disclose my medication history,” “do not disclose my PHI for research purposes” or “do not disclose my PHI to Dr. John Smith” 
Allow or deny override (‘break-the-glass’) access to PHI, if legislation permits.
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Physicians, hospitals, health networks, HIEs and HIOs are able to:

Centralized Privacy Auditing

Auditing is the key to health information privacy management, allowing provider organizations, hospitals, health networks, HIEs and HIOs to actively address patient privacy and measure compliance with established privacy policies.

Our standards-based auditing software generates a real-time audit trail of all access – and attempted access – to PHI and privacy policies.  And when a clinician overrides a privacy restriction (‘break-the-glass’ access to PHI), the privacy officer is automatically notified by email.  This allows the privacy officer to follow-up on the potential breach, and make the patient aware of the situation and the reason for it.

Our auditing solution also enables authorized administrators to generate simple, detailed and customized audit reports.  Reports may be scheduled to run automatically, or generated ad-hoc.

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