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HIPAAT unbundles Privacy eSuite to provide Web services interface

NAPLES, FL – February 19, 2008 – HIPAAT Inc. (HIPAAT), the leading provider of consent management solutions to the healthcare industry, announced the release of its next generation consent management software, Privacy eSuite V2.0 and Privacy Manager V2.0, at the upcoming HIMSS Annual Conference (booth 7942) in Orlando, Florida, February 25 - 28, 2008. The software set enables patients to control access to their electronic health information and allows care providers to meet patient privacy requirements.

The enhanced version is based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a flexible, pure Web services interface. It currently supports DB2 and Oracle databases, with Microsoft SQL Server on the product roadmap. The solution continues to provide automated consent directive management at a granular level and immediate security breach reporting to the privacy officer via E-mail or pager.

"If you want a privacy or security rule or policy defined and enforced accurately, consistently and reliably, it has to be automated,” said Barry Runyon, research director, Gartner Healthcare Providers, Gartner Inc. “Consent management - patient directives that determine enterprise access to personal health information - is one of those areas best served through automation.”

Privacy eSuite allows patient consent directives – for example, ‘I do not want my personal health information shared outside Central Hospital unless the information is required for my emergency care’ – to be created and automated. Privacy Manager, in conjunction with Privacy eSuite, enables healthcare organizations, personal health record systems, electronic health record systems and health information exchanges (HIEs) to implement and enforce those consent directives.

“Healthcare IT vendors wanted increased flexibility in applying our software to various environments – including care delivery organizations, HIEs and the Nationwide Health Information Network – while leveraging their existing infrastructure,” said Terry Callahan, HIPAAT managing director. “SOA was, without question, the next step to take. We now offer a set of unbundled, patient-centric consent management and auditing services that is more versatile and accessible to all stakeholders.”



HIPAAT provides patient-centric consent management solutions to the healthcare industry. Our interoperable, scalable web services approach – with software that aggregates patient privacy directives and organizational/jurisdictional policies – enables privacy-sensitive access control to PHI across healthcare organizations and regions.
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Release date: February 19, 2008