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Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

You need to exchange health information across a wide range of clinical systems… and comply with privacy legislation.  You seek to ensure clinicians have access to the health information they need, when they need it… and address the privacy concerns of your patients.

You want to avoid costly data breaches and monitor privacy compliance through auditing.  You’re looking to supply patients with an accounting of disclosures of their personal health information (PHI) when they ask for it.  

You need a flexible, scalable privacy solution that doesn’t affect clinical workflow and is easy to use.

We can help.

HIPAAT provides interoperable consent management and auditing solutions that enable
hospitals and health networks to:

restrict access to a patient’s PHI – to a granular level – at the patient’s request, with virtually no impact to clinical workflow

create and record organizational privacy policies – for example, “restrict internal use of employees’ health information”

create and record jurisdictional policies – for example, “restrict disclosure of mental health records”

allow provider access to restricted PHI – legislation permitting – when needed.  This ‘break-the-glass’ or ‘override’ access generates a security alert to the privacy officer

generate a secure, centralized, ATNA-compliant audit trail of all access – and attempted access – to PHI and privacy policies.

We’re here for you.  During software implementation, we offer a number of professional services including architecture consulting, policy consulting, systems integration and training.

To learn more, visit our product pages for myConsentMinder, Privacy eSuite, Privacy Manager and Universal Audit Repository.