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Privacy eSuite (PeS)

Privacy eSuite is the ‘consent engine’ at the heart of our ability to capture and enforce consumer, organizational and jurisdictional privacy policies for hospitals, health information exchanges / organizations and physician practices both large and small.

PeS consists of two service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based web services:


Consent Management Service – this enables consumer, organizational and jurisdictional privacy policies to be administered and processed into computable access rules


Consent Validation Service – this high-speed service determines if a user’s access to a patient’s PHI is appropriate based on the rules of the existing privacy policies. 

PeS supports ‘break-the-glass’ (override) access to PHI.

Standards-based privacy policies may be created at various levels of granularity including:

purpose of use – e.g. treatment, research, marketing, etc.

information type – e.g. laboratory results, radiology exam, medication, etc.

specific user(s), roles, groups of users, facility, etc.