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Universal Audit Repository (UAR)

The Universal Audit Repository is our standalone central repository of IHE-ATNA compliant audit events designed for use by hospitals, health networks, HIEs, HIOs and physician practices. 

The UAR:

Logs all access – and attempted access – to PHI and consent directives.

Provides automatic alerts of override (break-the-glass) access to PHI by email to a privacy officer

Provides extensive, customizable search and report capabilities on any audit event data, and includes a separate security (breach) report

Notifies clinicians via email if corrections have been made to diagnostic imaging exams they had previously viewed

Is an excellent source of data for patients’ “accounting of disclosures”

The UAR is aligned with the IHE-ATNA Profile, including the ability to simultaneously capture RFC 3881 and DICOM Supplement 95 messages.

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